301K – Father’s stone – Mother’s threads

Our reference t-shirt
We make vests for stone lifting and we also create 301K clothing: t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories...
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Work, strength, effort, tradition, family, sport, culture.
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Father’s stone
Mother’s threads

My name is Maite Perurena Zubitur, a Stone-lifting vest craftswoman from Leitza, Navarre. Following what I have seen and lived at home it was my dream to be dressed as a stone lifter and the brand 301K is the consequence of it.

Nowadays, we make our stone lifting vests and sports equipment in HARRI HARI TOKI, in Leitza´s main square workshop. Knowing to lift stones we have to sew the threads, we are working towards a bigger goal, making competition gear and streetwear.

Jatorrizko indarraren dotorezia

Dotore eta ausart ari dela diogu euskaldunok, harri-jasotzailea balentria bat egiten ari denean: bada, zergatik ez ausardia eta dotorezia hori arropara ere eraman?

Halaxe sortu dira harri-jasotzaileetan oinarritutako gure txaleko esklusiboak: egunerokorako, ospakizunetarako, parrandarako, plazarako, oparitarako. Dotorezia ere indartsua baita; indartsua bezain dotorea.

More exclusive accessories

- Elosegui Basque berets are also in our shop -

Basque berets are also a symbol of our culture. Harri Hari Toki is an official carrier of Elosegui Basque berets, the only one in Leitza. They are high-quality handmade berets. We carry different models: traditional Basque berets and more modern berets for example.

Boinas Elosegui venta den Navarra - 301K Leitza

Harri • Hari Toki

- Home of 301K, Welcome! -

Harri Hari Toki is located in a corner of the main square of Leitza, in a great place! We do our homework in the main town square! Our place is a workshop, showroom and a sales shop altogether.

Leitza is a town where 3 stone lifters who lifted more than 300kg were born. A town square is an elegant place, the floor has blue-grayish stone tonalities and it has been a recurrent stage for great sports events. Amazes every visitor and makes all the Leitzarras proud.

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