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- Custom-made stone-lifting vests -

Stone lifting vests are custom-made for athletes’ bodies and needs, and they are individually made. The vest protects the body, holds the stone, and makes the lifter’s strength more efficient. It is the most important part of the entire lifting equipment (vest, pants, and cloth sash).

The shape and the thickness of the vest depend on the athlete’s body and the stone shape they are going to lift (rectangular, cylinder, cubic, round, or irregular stone).

We spent a month searching for materials, measuring the composition of old vests, collecting information on other stone lifters, and making changes until we got our model. Our 301K vests respect the classic design but with some new touches, materials, and colors.


In the beginning, the vests were white, we don’t know if the material they were using was cotton or linen. However, during the 80s, they started using a blue cotton fabric from Bergara (Gipuzkoa) called Mahoia (nankeen). Nowadays, we use new synthetic materials.

Beginning of the 20th century.

End of the 20th century.

XXI century.

301K vests

V Neck

Sewn padding

Left sides opened

Right sides opened

General characteristics


Other Accessories

Steps to make a vest:

Appointments are held in the 301k shop but we accommodate the lifter’s needs. If the lifter has a previous vest, we ask them to bring it. The process can take around a month, depending on the number of orders.

Stone lifting pants

We have created pants that go with the lifter’s legs’ needs, and depending on the shape of the stone they lift, we put more padding. The front of the pants is polyamide fabric and the back is elastic.

Long and short pants, with or without Velcro, with or without padding,… ask for your size.

- Stone lifting cloth sash -

They are traditional belts made of cotton. They are 24 cm (9,45 inches) wide and 2.5 meters (8,2 feet) long but we sew pieces together to make the belt as long as wanted. The standard is two pieces but some lifters use up to 5 pieces, around 10 meters.

301k vest owners

Many stone lifters and pentathletes choose to wear 301k equipment while competing: each one of them is custom-made. We have been collecting feedback and improving. And we proudly celebrate their victories. 301 times thank you!

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