- Work for the sport, the sport as a job -

The stone lifting vest is a garment made for the sport. This sport was created from work and lifters’ work on the stage. The vests they wear are handmade. Vests are a symbol of work and effort.

Stone lifting vests’ origins are from the beginning of the 20th century, the goal was to protect the body and help the lifter. Most of the time, the women of the lifter’s family would make the vest with no references and limited resources. The vests that were made at home helped the lifters to make the records and I want to recognize the threads sewed by those women.

Every vest is custom-made depending on sizes and the work they want to do, the designs are per usual but using new touches of materials and colors. We also make more sports equipment.

Zergatik ez jantzi kalean harri-jasotzaileen gisako txaleko modernoak? Probak egiten nabil, kirolerako txalekoak egokitu eta kalerako bihurtzeko ereduak definitzen, izaera eta esanahi handiko arropa dotore eta esklusiboak sortzeko bidean. Informatu zaitez!

For the winners of a competition, for someone’s tribute, for international institutional visitors, for weddings, retirement, or birthday present,… we make special vests with custom messages.

How I got here

- Created from experts -

The 301k vests are the result of deep work. I have spent months searching materials, making new procedures, and new designs, collecting feedback, and making little changes until the end product was satisfactory for everyone.

My parents are by my side: I defined the designs with my mother because she also was a sewer; my father taught me his experience with stones and what I need to know while doing a vest. Other people also helped me during this process which is why 301k is also teamwork.


Ask for your vest

Every stone lifting vest is different because they are custom-made for the lifter’s body and needs.

If you need a vest, let’s schedule a meeting in HARRI HARI TOKI, in Leitza’s main square.

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